How The People Are Who born On Number 1

If you have born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 then your number would be 1 in numerology and will be governed by the number 1.
Number 1 is the symbol of the sun in numerology and sun is the most powerful planet of our solar system. The entire system revolves around the sun. Sun is considered as the ruler of all other planets thus it represents male and father principle. In numerology number one is symbolized as god as after this all other numbers were created.This number represents creativity, self reliance, invention, ruler ship, dynamism and optimism.

Number 1 persons are natural born leaders,powerful and dominating.They always want to be on the top and cannot like to be a subordinate to anyone.They have great ambitions and have a strong desire for success. They are highly independent and dislike restrictions. They have excellent business instincts and this makes them successful business persons. they are practical in life and look everything from each and every corner.People associated with number 1 are often show leadership drives as well being complete independent and individualistic in approach. Physically masculine focused, maintain dignity with confidence and proud in the things they do.These number 1 humans are born aggressive in doing their activities, progressive, self starter, self reliant as well as constructive with rebellious nature standing on their point always.

You have a strong talent for leadership from birth.You make friends easily and get along well with others.since the sun directly influences the intellect of a person , They are intelligent and have sharp witted understanding.They are extremely public image conscious persons and always try to be in the center of attraction.They are too authoritative and adamant which sometimes makes them bad decision makers and managers. Sometimes they are over ambitious and critical.there are few positive and negative characteristics that are assumed with this numerology of number 1. Politics and government jobs are most suited being judgmental. Although there are also few negative attributes being shown to have connection with number 1. They can be selfish , stubborn undisciplined and weak in health that can be found surrounding the people associated with this number 1

You are very friendly person.You love the good things in life.You seek stable, long term relationships. You have good leadership skills-if you channel your effort in the right direction.Person is a dynamic personality,independent, original, creative, a hard worker. He gets things done, encourages, advises and drive others. If he will use these qualities positively, his life will be successful.This number is ruled by sun and stands for all the things masculine, such as courage, leadership, decision and will power. Those who have number 1 strong can only fail if they are indecisive, lacking in confidence, lazy and allow themselves to be led by others.They can also fail if they become over positive, dominant, egotistic and intolerant.
When applied to future event, number 1 indicates new start, the launching of new projects, personal or business. success if the past is left behind, a time to be determined, active and courageous.

Advise: While your juniors will look upon you for light, avoid altercations with elders.Try taking the second opinion, particularly from elders. A critic doesn’t mean bad.
Try to focus on your goals; despite initial delays, your enthusiasm which when combined with hard work can turn the ride of fortune in your direction.Remember, ‘fortune favors the brave’
Take extra care of your health;avoid thinking negatively as it can have an impact on your mental well being.Being busy can well be the key.
Financially too, the second half looks more promising.Those wanting to invest in land should not wait further.

Ruling Planet-Sun
Nature-Purposeful and Determined
Fortunate Days-Sunday and Monday
Affinities- 2, 4 ,7

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