Four Facts To Know About Numerology

The numerology is used to predict the life and personality of the people. It is based on the calculations of a person’s birth date. It is the one which is used to detect the behavior of a person. Basically, the numerology is a type of calculation; we should add the numbers of the birth date until it reaches the single digit, which specifies the type of the individual.

Facts About Numerology

Here, we have given certain interesting facts about the numerology.


Numerology is the part of the astrology. Numerologists believe that the numbers are being ruled by the different planets. The number 0 is governed by the Pluto, number 1 by the sun, and the moon by 2 etc. Based on the number of the people, the planet will decide the characters and personalities of a person. Even though many scientific advancements had come, still there are people who believe in numerology.

Relationships With Alphabets

Apart from these, the numerology has some relationships with the alphabets of the names. As each of the alphabets have a unique value, the overall numeric values of the alphabets are computed to find out the nature of the individual. If desired, they can use the corrective measures with the help of stars, surrounding the planet.

Transforming The Name

The numerologists say that the transformation can bring good luck to the people. It can be done by adding or by removing the alphabets in your name. For this, they used to note the vibration of the names, which are favorable to them. According to the numerology, it gives good luck to the people. It can be done in the movies itself. After consulting the trusted astrologer, you can change the name.

The reason why they are giving more importance to the name is, all the calculations are done based on the number of your name, it decides whether your life is peaceful, and successful.

Taking Decisions

With the help of numerology, persons start taking the important decisions in life; when to marry, when to change the job, when to travel, and when to relocate, etc. So, people are giving more and more importance to the numerology.

If you are interested in numerology, you can change your names too.

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