What The Numbers Means In Numerology

The final number a person receives when they whittle their name down to a single number has meanings all of their own. The following list is a basic breakdown of what these main number mean.
1 – Leader

If the final number in a name or birth date breaks down to the number one, the person is a natural born leader. The person has learned how to stand on their own two feet and has received recognition for what they have accomplished and can do. Number ones are ambitious, self-sufficient, inventive, creative, and strong. They have to fight being stubborn and egotistical as well as their impulsiveness and bluntness. They are afraid of being overlooked and not using their talents to the best of their abilities. Ones are great writers, directors, public figures, business owners and designers.
2 – Partner

Two’s are partners. They are supportive of others and can handle issues involving diplomacy and intimacy. They are very aware of the needs of others and work at being friendly and diplomatic. These people love, but they must be aware of the challenges they face regarding their fears, and being very self-conscious. They do not like unplanned changes, being alone or making mistakes. Two’s nature makes them great artists, healers, coordinator’s, and, of course, spouses.
3 – Optimist

Three’s are the visionaries who are spontaneous, full of energy, and have a good sense of humour. Three is a combination of one and two, making them optimistic and fun-loving, and wanting to make their surrounding like them. They have to be careful not to over exaggerate, remain focused, finish projects they start, and simply not be lazy. Three’s are afraid of growing old, being bored, and being restricted. Coaches, writers, musicians, artists, communicators in any medium and good parents are all successes number threes will enjoy.
4 – Practical

Fours are our builders. They are the go-getters who are hard workers and productive in anything they do. They tend to be realistic, cautious, and enjoy tradition. Number fours are the ones who enjoy order. Rigidity is a problem for fours and they have to remember to remain pliant and adaptable. They also tend to have a limited view of things around them and this causes them to be too cautious at time. They fear sudden change and loss and do not like to be deprived in any aspect of their lives. Fours are scientists, business owners, developers, lawyers, and other workers in a management position.
5 – Progress

Looking for someone with a natural flair that is sensual, can promote anything, and loves adventure? Then look to a number five. They are passionate and understand the need for change, variety, and growth. They pass along information and ask questions, are out-going, fast paced, but also moody and occasionally undependable. They are attracted to anything that stimulates their physical senses; however they have to fight restlessness, procrastination, and not following through when they are supposed to. They fear growing old and boredom, and desire the see the world. Five’s are our public figures, news reporters, performers, and speculators.
6 – Service

Our responsible ones are number six’s. They are the nurturers, the ones who care and promote harmony. Six’s like stability and a comfortable home, happiest when they are moving in familiar surroundings, and fugal when insecure. They are selfless and have no qualms about taking on the burdens of others. They worry about the health of everyone around them. Six’s need to be careful not to be too anxious or co-dependent, and they have to be aware that guilt lurks around the corners. They fear that the world will go to hell in a hand basket and that they will not be loved. Parents, teachers, nurses, counsellors and coaches are professions of number six.
7 – Investigator

Seven’s are loners. They tend to be eccentric, thoughtful and spiritual, always looking for the deeper meaning of things. They are discriminating in all areas and enjoy solitude which allows them to listen to their inner voice. Unfortunately, seven’s must meet the challenge of not being too full of pride, narrow of mind, distant, argumentative, and letting their temper get the better of them. Because of their deep thoughts, they are good at analysis and are afraid of making mistakes. Seven’s best serve others as consultants, professors, analysts, observers, and in earth and maritime studies.
8 – Power

The executives and problem solvers of the world are eights. They understand the concepts behind domination, control, and how they can help achieve their goals. They are formal, stern and naturally hard-headed, in their element when dealing with material and touchable facts. Although they are natural leaders, they must learn how to be compassionate, control their anger, keep their belligerence to a minimum, and not be judgmental. They fear the loss of their prestige, and hate being at the mercy of people they consider less capable than themselves. Judges, publishers, contractors, engineers, and any executive are the jobs fit for a number eight.
9 – Universal

Number nine’s are the world’s humanitarians and healers. They are the ones with the old souls, able to understand philosophy. Nines are dreamers and the arts are their home. They act in ways that benefit others and look for solutions through inspiration, intuition, and creativity. They love and compassionate, but have to be careful not to lose their focus and become ‘spacey’. They also need watch out for their own bad habits. They don’t like to be restricted or lose control of their emotions. Nines are our ministers, world leaders, and artists of any form.
11 – Idealist

Elevens are those people who are highly inspired. Everything they touch and do is full of drama. They all have artistic abilities, and are enlightened. They can be high-strung, intense, mercurial, and subtle, but also romantic. Elevens face the challenges of being isolated and suffering from allergies. Over-stimulation can be a problem and they must fight being restricted, boredom and feeling ugly. Elevens are good poets, inventors, ministers, designers, society figures, stars, and beauty queens.
22 – Master Builder

People whose numbers equal twenty-two understand the concept of precision and balance. They are the ones who make their dreams reality and are the most successful of all numbers. They are unlimited but disciplined, and has great amount of confidence in themselves. While they are an inspiration to others, they have to remember to share their visions and allow others to help them achieve their goals. They can’t do it all on their own. Their biggest fear is loss of any kind. Twenty-two’s are politicians, lawyers, and business owners.
33 – Master Teacher

Thirty-threes are the ones who guide everyone else. They focus their lives on uplifting their fellow man and they are sincerely devoted to others. They try reach understanding and wisdom before preaching to others and they are very rare to find with their honesty, discipline, and bravery. Their biggest challenges are having courage and not self-sacrifice themselves and they fear that they are not loved. Parents, educators, artists and doctors of the highest calibre are the professions of thirty-threes.
Putting the Numbers Together

Like astrology, numerology has its own readings that reveal different information about a person. They are called paths in numerology and here is a look at them. When combined all together in one reading, a person’s paths reveal their personality, where they are going in life, the best match for romance, and how they deal with the challenges in their lives. Keep in mind that when you are doing a reading, the number explanations above are very basic. More in depth information on the meaning of each number in a reading can be found online or in books specifically designed for numerology readings.

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