What The Numbers Means In Numerology Part 1

The final number a person receives when they whittle their name down to a single number has meanings all of their own. The following list is a basic breakdown of what these main number mean.
1 – Leader

If the final number in a name or birth date breaks down to the number one, the person is a natural born leader. The person has learned how to stand on their own two feet and has received recognition for what they have accomplished and can do. Number ones are ambitious, self-sufficient, inventive, creative, and strong. They have to fight being stubborn and egotistical as well as their impulsiveness and bluntness. They are afraid of being overlooked and not using their talents to the best of their abilities. Ones are great writers, directors, public figures, business owners and designers.
2 – Partner

Two’s are partners. They are supportive of others and can handle issues involving diplomacy and intimacy. They are very aware of the needs of others and work at being friendly and diplomatic. These people love, but they must be aware of the challenges they face regarding their fears, and being very self-conscious. They do not like unplanned changes, being alone or making mistakes. Two’s nature makes them great artists, healers, coordinator’s, and, of course, spouses.
3 – Optimist

Three’s are the visionaries who are spontaneous, full of energy, and have a good sense of humour. Three is a combination of one and two, making them optimistic and fun-loving, and wanting to make their surrounding like them. They have to be careful not to over exaggerate, remain focused, finish projects they start, and simply not be lazy. Three’s are afraid of growing old, being bored, and being restricted. Coaches, writers, musicians, artists, communicators in any medium and good parents are all successes number threes will enjoy.

Putting the Numbers Together

Like astrology, numerology has its own readings that reveal different information about a person. They are called paths in numerology and here is a look at them. When combined all together in one reading, a person’s paths reveal their personality, where they are going in life, the best match for romance, and how they deal with the challenges in their lives. Keep in mind that when you are doing a reading, the number explanations above are very basic. More in depth information on the meaning of each number in a reading can be found online or in books specifically designed for numerology readings.

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