Name Based Readings In Numerology


This number shows a person their talents, abilities, and any shortcomings you had when you were born. It is best if you use your entire name given to you at birth to figure this number out. This number is your being, your basic nature, and thing inherent only to you. To determine this number, figure out the sum of each of you names taken down to a single digit. Add all of them together, take them down again, and you have your expression number. Do not reduce master numbers. For a woman, this number may be different than their life path number if they have married and taken their husband’s name.
Heart’s Desire

Known as the inner you, the heart’s desire number shows you your urges, what motivates you, and why you do the things you do. It influences the choices you make and reflects the spiritual you. You only use the vowels in your name to find your hearth’s desire. Once you have it taken it down to a single digit, read what it means and remember to consider it in conjunction with all the others.

This is the outer you and how others perceive you. While you may not agree with what the numbers reveal, you can at least see what you are projecting. This number is usually a narrow definition of who you are as it is protective of your inner self. But as you work with the number and learn what it is trying to tell you, you will begin to see that it is a good reflection of who you are. Use only the consonants in your name, taken down to a single digit, to find this number.
Karmic Lessons

These are the areas that we, as humans and not perfect, are weak in. These are the challenges that we face in life. While our name shows us what talents we were born with, the absence of numbers in our name shows us what we are missing and what we need to learn. To find your karmic lesson number, write out your name and apply the proper numerals to each letter. Count up how many of each number one through nine you have. If you are missing numbers those are your karmic lessons to be learned.
Hidden Passion

Karmic lessons look for the numbers that are missing. Hidden passions look for the number that is more dominant in your name. This number represents the talent that is strong enough to shape your life and how you can express that ability. For example, if you are naturally creative and are a writer, more than likely your hidden passion number will correspond with this trait.

The way people deal internally with life’s challenges is what this number shows. Some people handle things by withdrawing, some explode instead. Maturity helps us deal with situations in a certain way and this number helps guide us to deal with these situations in a better way. While a minor influence in a reading, it can be very helpful when you personal life shifts and becomes unbalanced. This number is found by taking the numbers that correspond with your initials at birth and taken down to a single digit.
Subconscious Self

This is your confidence, competence, and personal power. It is your ability to handle sudden situations and appropriately handle it. This number can also show you what parts of your character need work. This number is derived from your Karmic Lesson chart. The more numbers that are represented in your name, the better you are dealing with situations. To find this number, simply chart what numbers are in your name and count them up.
Cornerstone, Capstone and First Vowel.

Where the letters in your name fall can have an impact on your personality. The first letter of your first name is called the cornerstone and it’s a direct indication of your character, and the way you approach opportunities and obstacle. The last letter of your first name is the capstone, and it shows you your ability to finish the project you start. The first vowel in your first name shows a piece of your inner self, the small window that very few outside your inner circle ever get to see.

When all of these charts are put together, a person can see who they are and how they can influence the world around them.
Other Numerology Readings

While most numerology readings are done on a person’s name and birth date, there are things that can reveal to you pieces of yourself that you may not be aware of. The family name, the one you were given at birth or have taken from your husband, has probably been carried on through many generations. This name gives you a strong connection to your ancestors and shows that you are travelling on the same spiritual path they did. By breaking the name down into individual numbers and then reducing it to a single digit, you will find that the final number probably matches what your ancestors did in their lives. Even though you may carry same name, your own number will bring personal influences that could be different and unexpected.

People have also used numerology to find out if they are compatible with someone else. In order to this, you must have the person’s full name and birth date. The most important number to worry about is the life path. A potential partner’s life path number should be compatible with your own. This number shows the traits that are always present in both your potential partner and yourself. If you are willing to work on the relationship, a number that is not in harmony with your own is okay. Some numbers simply don’t work at all and it’s best to avoid them all together.

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