Meaning Of Numerology

Numerology can be defined as the relationship between a number and the corresponding events of the person. Some people define that the numerology is the study of numbers and the factors by which these numbers reflect the characteristics of a person.

What Is Numerology

The numerology is widely used by many persons all over the world. In numerology, a single birth digit number is used to find out the person’s attitude and characters. The important features and factors of numerology are given below.

As mentioned above, numerology is the study of numbers and various characteristic features of the persons, who belong to those numbers. Many persons use numerology to find out the name because the name based on numerology will bring motivation to the person and thereby, it will increase happiness in their life. Some other people use numerology to define the characteristics of the person and few others use numerology to find their life partners. People all over the world use numerology for about 100’s of years.
Numerology Calculation

The calculation of numerology is totally different. People can easily calculate their numerology number from their birth number or name. From the birth number, the numerology can be calculated easily. Consider the date, month, and the year of your birth date and then add every number of your birth date. For example, if you are a person born on 29th December 1998, then you can calculate your numerology in the following ways.

Step 1: Write the birth date in the numerical form, eg: 29-12-1998.

Step 2: Add all the numerical in the date, 2+9+1+2+1+9+9+8=41

Step 3: If the result is a single digit number keep it, if it is a double digit number, further add your number, 4+1=5.

Step 4: Check the characteristics of this number.

The characteristics of this number will determine the nature and attitude of the person.

The numerology can be calculated for the name with the following steps.

Step 1: Write down all the alphabets and their equivalent numerical numbers to it.

A-01, B-02 ,C-03 ,D-04 ,E-05, F-06, G-07, H-08, I-09, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21,V-22,W-23,X-24, Y-25, Z-26.

STEP 2: Add all the double digit numbers and order the numbers according to double digits.

A, J, S
B, K, T
C, L, U
D, M, V
E, N, W
F, O, X
G, P, Y
H, Q, Z

STEP 3: Now enter your name and find the numbers corresponding the letters to the name.

Example: GITA:


STEP 4: Now add these numbers and normalize the resulting number into a single number.

Example: 7+9+2+1= 19

=10; 1+0

= 1

STEP 5: Now find the character of the number 1. This will suit the character and attitude of Gita.

The numerology can be used to find out the soul number, personality number, and destiny number. With these numbers, you can easily identify and determine various likes and dislikes of the person with that number. Added to this, the destiny number can be used to find your destiny name number. The personality name number will determine the personality of the person.

These are the various features and calculation methods of numerology. Hope this article is useful to you; if you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.

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