How People Are Who Born On Number 8 & 7

Number 8:

People who born on 8th,17th, and 26th are 8 number. Number 8 is a dynamo.The energetic manager who is also courageous, ambitious, shrewd, strong and practical. A born leader, their natural skills shine in judging and organizing others.They are practical, authoritative and keen to accomplish and show off their practical achievements.The most misunderstood of all numbers, it is true they emphasize career, business, authority, and finance above all else but this often leads to success and rewards. They may be materialistic but they are also spiritual, practical.

You have executive skills and possess good judge of values.You can do well in business since you like to be in control and also handle money well.You are also idealistic by nature. People who born on birth date 8,17, and 26 come under planet Saturn. The ideal color for this mystic birth date is yellow.Yellow is the color which can give them confidence and success at any stage.They should try to wear yellow color on important occasions. Dark green and dark blue can also do good to them.They should avoid using the black and red color which may bring failure and problems. About careers for the people who born number 8 is that they are great with numbers, have a talent for finance, and a deep understanding of the business world. They are a great leader and would do great in a supervisory position or owning their own business. They have a capability in managing groups of people and making money. Ambitious and goal oriented, they get what they want.

Number 7:

People who born on 25, 16, 7 are number 7. Number 7 is governed by Neptune in numerology. Neptune is a highly spiritual planet and takes you towards moksha and so is number 7, that is considered as a highly spiritual number in numerology. Number 7 persons posses same qualities and nature of number 2 people because both are creative, good speaker, imaginative, original very independent, and have a great personality.They do not care much about material things and create their own ideas. Number 7 is generally secretive by nature because they look very quiet but no one knows what is running in their mind and very difficult to understand them.They have a very strong personality so that they stand out as an exceptionally individualistic.They are often less talkative but when required they speak well.They are a noble, romantic, social, spiritual and religious soul.They love natural travel.They are intelligent, rational and analytical. They are curious about the world and would do great pursuing a career in the sciences. Learning as much as they can is fascinating, and they love knowledge for its own sake.They develop their intuition to balance their work life and become more creative.

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