How Numerology Helps Us In Our Life

Numerology, when calculated properly, can help you truly understand who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you still have to achieve. It can show you what areas in you life you need to work on and what you have to work with. All of this is hiding in your name and date of birth. Your name is you goals and talents, lessons and debts, and the reason you are here on this earth. You can change you name, but it will not change anything the charts show you.

The day of the month you were born can give you an outline of your strongest traits and it influences many of the charts that make up you entire numerological reading. It can also make a difference in the busiest parts of your life. It helps you see all of your soul’s longings, all your goals, and what motivates you in this life. It reveals your unique talents through a dream and shows you how to use them to reach your goals. These all combine to make up the face you show the world.

Numerology will also give you insight to the lessons that you need to learn and master in this life. More than three lessons can be hard on a person, but they can be mastered with time and patience by looking to other numbers on the overall chart that can help. And if you have no lessons revealed, then you could be an old soul looking to grow by doing it all over again only better. Someone with too many lessons can be said to have karmic debt and they carry the numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19. Depending on where they are found determines what part of your life is negatively affected. Pray it’s never found on the life path for then your whole life is affected.

Combined with you name, your birth date helps you see the whole ‘you’ The numbers within show you more pieces of your character, especially those that influence events in specific times of your life. Your life path is determined by this date as well as the many challenges you will face. When all of these factors are added up, you find yourself not only with a map of where your life can go, but also a plan to get there.

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