Guide To Understand The Numerology

Numerology generally refers to playing with numbers. Numerology is generally used by various persons to know their life path and the soul number. It can also be used to find the characteristics and life path of the person.

Numerology is a tradition that is in use from 300A.D. and this technique is still followed by many people in various regions of the world. Modern numerology came into existence in the 19th century; this numerology defines the characteristics features of this modern generation.

Generally, there are 5 building blocks that define your characteristics based on numerology, these 5 core numbers are given below.

Life path number
Expression number
Heart desire number
Personality number
Birth date number

These 5 numbers are mainly used to determine the personality and characteristics of the person. These 5 numbers can be calculated from the birth date and name of the person. The meaning of these core numbers is given below.
Life Path Number

The life path number is the important number in the numerology chart. This number acts as the blueprint for the entire chart. This number will give the outline of your life and about how your life will play out.
Expression Number

The expression plot will determine your natural strengths and weakness in the numerology chart. The life path determines the path and struggles in your life, whereas the expression chart determines the capability to use the life path.
Personality Number

The personality number determines the impression of people about you. It tells about your character and nature of the life. The personality number will also reveal your likes and dislikes and about your needs.
Heart Desire Number

The heart desire number determines the reasons behind their actions. It also determines their emotional needs such as love, life etc., the heart desire needs can be used to boost the character of the person. This desire comes from the vowels of your name.
Birth Date Number

The birth date number reveals the talents and capabilities you have. The birth date number has a greater impact and it significantly reveals who are you today and who you will be tomorrow.

With the help of these 5 numbers, you can design the numerology chart for yourself. The general numerology description of the numbers is given below.

Number 1: The people with numerology number 1 are independent and intellectual. These persons are usually self-starters and strong. The negative character of these persons is selfish, stubborn etc.

Number 2: The people with numerology number 2 are sensitive and diplomatic. These persons are loving and patient. The negative character of this person is they are careless and lazy in many aspects.

Number 3: the number three determines that the person is creative and expressive. They are tolerant, joyful, optimistic etc. the negative part of these persons are they are extravagant, prone to complaining.

Number 4: people with number 4 are well-disciplined and active. They are hard-working and dependable. The negative characteristics of this person are they lack imagination and they have a boring side.

Number 5: the people with number 5 are energetic and they are freedom-lovers. These people are flexible and can adaptable to various environment conditions. The negative part of this number is these persons are unstable and irresponsible.

Number 6: The people with number 6 are responsible and loving. These persons are loyal and deal all the problems in a fair and ideal manner. The negative part of this number is they can overdo the inherent protectiveness and become anxious. They become emotionally unstable and become jealous.

Number 7: Number 7 is considered as a lucky number. These persons are spiritual, intelligent, analytical, focused and knowledgeable. The negative part is these peoples are cowardly and socially awkward.

Number 8: The positive characters of number 8 are these people are authoritative and business minders. They end up in managing positions and are efficient and capable. The negative side of these persons is cruel, insensitive and violent. These persons have intolerant religious believing.

Number 9: the people with number 9 are helpful, compassionate and aristocratic and generous. They sacrifice themselves and are self-sufficient too. The negative part of this character is these persons are mentally unstable and sentimental.

These are the various aspects of numerology and the numbers related to it. Hope this article is useful to you.

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